4 Pieces of Furniture Professionals Should Handle

4 Pieces of Furniture Professionals Should Handle

From a mental and physical standpoint, moving can be an intense process. While you may feel that moving furniture from your Albany home is something that you can tackle on your own, the fact of the matter is that there are pieces of furniture that would be best handled by professionals. This is both to preserve the integrity of your furniture and ease the burden of the move itself. Read below about fixtures that are best suited for our moving company and get a quote from I Like to Move It Movers in Albany today!

men wrapping couch


One of the most difficult pieces of furniture to transport when you are moving to a new home or apartment is your couch. Whether or not the cushions are removable, it is still hard to get most couches through a traditionally-sized doorway without some precise pivoting. Our moving experts have the experience necessary to make this process easy.

white dresser and mirror


Many people make the mistake of trying to move their dressers with all of their pieces in place. This can lead to situations where you are putting in more work than you need to in order to get the piece of furniture to your new place. It is a far easier process to relocate your dresser when you partially deconstruct it by removing the drawers and transporting it in pieces.

hands lifting mattress


It doesn’t matter if you are moving out of a ground-level space or an apartment on the fifth floor of a building, moving a mattress is never easy. Depending on what kind of mattress it is, it can be an exhausting and frustrating situation. Our team of professional movers have the experience and accessories to expedite the process.

woman with frame and painting


While pieces will vary in size, material, texture, and weight, it is crucial that you hire professionals when you are moving valuable pieces of art. While it may seem like an easy process to protect your pieces by simply wrapping them with bubble wrap, there are other factors at play during your move that could damage them. Professionals will know what materials are needed and how to properly pack your art in order to preserve its integrity.

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