4 Timeless Home Style Tips

The practice of moving has several components that make it such an exhaustive process. One of the more overlooked aspects of getting settled in is styling your new place. At I Like To Move It Movers, our full-service moving team can offer a helping hand. Keep reading our guide below and get a quote on your Albany move today!

removing plates from a box

Dodge Trends

Buying into design fads can make your home look gimmicky. By implementing design elements that have stood the test of time into your home, you can create a strong style base. From there, mixing in personal touches can cultivate a sense of your own personality.

unpacking a lamp

Mix & Match

There is no need to dedicate your style to a singular taste. Feel free to combine contemporary items with antique furniture. The possibilities are endless when you have an eclectic mix of characteristics at play. Try out different combinations to see how they work.

lady hanging a portrait

Use Neutral Colors

Don't overwhelm yourself or visitors with flashy colors in your home. Opting for neutral tones gives you a chance to let your personality shine through with your belongings. This way you can create a space that is comfortable, yet still welcoming.

couple unpacking boxes

Hide Technology

Your ambiance can get disrupted by the presence of wires. Concealing all of your wires can give off a clean, wireless feeling for your new home.

When it's time to unpack the moving trucks, there's a big job waiting for homeowners. The process can be incredibly tedious and difficult, but there are ways to make it all the easier. If you want to get the most out of your home-sweet-home, consider a full-service moving company like I Like To Move It Movers in Albany. To learn more about why you should hire our movers, contact us today!