The 4 Toughest Items To Move By Yourself

The 4 Toughest Items To Move By Yourself

At I Like to Move It Movers, we provide a personalized moving experience for your commercial or residential property in Albany, NY. We have over a decade of experience in professional moving services, and we can lift and carry your tough belongings such as workout equipment, pianos, antique furniture, and fragile items. Contact us today to learn more!

workout equipment

Workout Equipment

A hired mover will have the necessary tools to carry your heavy workout equipment. Larger pieces of equipment are more easily transported if they get dissembled before a move. Likewise, smaller weights and lighter workout objects need proper packaging to avoid damage.



Pianos are large, heavy, and have many small and fragile parts associated with them. These attributes make it difficult to move a piano. Moreover, a piano does not have the best features that make it easy to grasp. At I Like to Move It Movers, our professional team can move your piano so that you do not have to worry about it!

antique couch

Antique Furniture

Not only is furniture heavy and difficult to carry, but older furniture requires special handling so it stays in its best shape. You can trust our team to handle your antique furniture with the care it deserves. We are not only experienced professionals, but we have the necessary resources to help transport your furniture.

fragile glassware

Fragile Items

Although fragile items such as art and glassware are not typically heavy items to move, they require extra care and attention to ensure they do not break during the moving process. At I like to Move It Movers, our team can pack and transport your fragile items with care to give you peace of mind.

Conclusion Paragraph

At I Like to Move It Movers, our team is dedicated to ensuring that your move is as smooth as possible. We want to take the burden off of you to move your most difficult belongings, and our professionals have the tools and experience to carry your items safely to your destination. Subscribe for updates today!