Why Moving Certain Items Can Damage Your Body

The emotional distress that moving can cause has been a discussion for a while. However, the physical impact of moving can get overlooked. For those that attempt to move without any professional assistance, the toll it can take on your body is not to be underestimated. Hiring a full-service moving company like I Like To Move It Movers in Albany can relieve you from the physical stress of moving. Keep reading to learn about why moving certain items can damage your body, and contact us today so you can stay healthy throughout your move!

man holding his back as he lifts a box

Incorrect Technique

Without proper care, moving items can be dangerous to your health. Moving at a low speed and using proper technique will reduce the risk of injury, but there is still potential for physical harm. Using the incorrect form can exacerbate the potential for injury and make moving tougher on your body. In addition, there is the concern of furniture tipping over and injuring someone. Moving a heavy object can cause harm in many different ways, so it's important to take caution when moving anything.

man resting a box on his shoulder

Wear & Tear

Repeated motions can eventually cause damage and injury to your body. If you move the same item over and over again, it can cause a harmful amount of wear and tear. An easy way to avoid this is by hiring movers for the task. Not only will they be able to provide you with more accurate and safer moving techniques, but by employing professionals, you can also reduce the amount of strain on your body.

man holding his back

Back Health

One of the worst injuries you can sustain from moving is a back issue like a herniated disk. This occurs when one of the disks in your spinal column is displaced and starts pressing on a nerve. Moving certain items can cause this injury to happen, including heavy objects like furniture and mattresses.

hands holding a red knee

Knee Stress

Lifting heavy objects and carrying them for a long distance can also cause you to develop issues in your knees. Your knees bear a lot of weight when you're moving things, and over time they can break down and need to be treated by a doctor.

Be sure to consider your health when developing a moving plan. At I Like To Move It Movers, we know how to handle moving projects with care so you can stay healthy during your move. Get a quote on your move today!